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Fearless & Unstoppable

Courage, Faith, and Superpowers

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Who We Are

Kaiana Lewis is a company that is committed to empowering women. We show you how to tackle your fears and speak over your self-doubt. We believe in being life-long learners, and creating inspiring content that allows women to dream giant dreams and make them a reality. nurturing self-belief and inspiring them to fearlessly chase their dreams.

Your one-stop shop for courage-boosting tools. Find books, affirmations, and more to help you soar above fear and self-doubt.

Inspiring conversations, expert insights, and personal stories, all aimed at helping you conquer fear and self-doubt while pursing your dreams.

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Meet Kaiana

About Us

I'm committed to living a courageous life. Ever since I was 16 years old writing and preparing to publish my first book. The word "COURAGE" is forever engrained into everything I do.  So who am I? I am courageous. 

As a fantasy author and a business woman, I am constantly redefining principles. Changing industries and reimagining systems that don't normally exist in todays society. And... I do it all while fighting my fears and self-doubt everyday.


Featured Book of the Fall Season


Fear? Self-doubt? That was everything the main characters in this book struggled with. Kalan Barrows doubted that he could be anything more than a boy from poverty, despite his success. While Lothierwy Kiel feared that she would ruin everything... all she wanted was to save the ones she loved.


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