Courage by Kaiana Lewis


Steven’s father ruled his home with an iron fist. He couldn’t wait to escape his evil grasp. All he wanted to do was graduate high school, attend college with his friends and study to become the doctor he always wanted to be. Unfortunately, his life would take an unexpected turn through a set of fiery trials enduring disappointment, suffering and loss. As he struggled to find his voice in life and happiness, he found a special love along the way.

Listening to God

Listening To God by Kaiana Lewis

Wondering how to hear God's voice in your life?


This book is designed to do just that. It breaks down the steps of physically listening to God's voice and, as a result, bringing you closer to our Creator. 


This book will serve as a guide as you begin to listen and hear God's voice in your life. It will help you develop a spiritual oneness with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This book is not for the comfortable. If you are bound by impatience, routine, or settled in religious traditions, please read another book. This book is for those who are willing to be transformed by God's words over their life. 


You will be asked to reflect, pray, and study, for this book, encourages practice, therefore letting you actively learn in every lesson.


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A political genius, Kalan Barrows, wants nothing else but fame and fortune. He is on the brink of his political career when an unexpected individual walks into his life. She happens to be a political murderer, named Lothierwy Kiel. She wants to start a new life, which has nothing to do with him.


All is turned upside down when Kalan hides the reason behind their interaction and Lothierwy struggles to heal from her past. The lines between hero and villain are blurred. Faith and love hang in the balance as war ensues. Their journey begins with politics, breaks with a contentious romance, and ends with death.


What they decided to do with or without each other affects the fate of their world.