10 Things I Wish I Knew a Year Ago

Updated: Jan 18

I learned some things throughout these past few months in 2021, so I decided to write a blog about 10 things I wish I knew a year ago.

I wish I knew that Mason Jars were perfect for everything

I can't tell you how many Mason Jars I threw away due to space or inconvenience that I now regret.

I am all about organization and color-coding.

Since teaching, I realized my organizational skills come in handy, but those mason jars are handier. When I stood back from my desk to see how I could re-organize my small space. Mason Jars was the answer, and guess what...

I had none.

So, I've learned my lesson, never throw away the Mason Jars.

I wish I knew that I was going to be a teacher so I could prepare an awesome lesson plan in advance for my students.

I wasn't prepared to be a teacher in the summer of 2021. I found out 1 week before school that I was going to be a teacher. I can tell you with full confidence, I didn't know what I was getting into.

Hindsight, I love teaching.

But the beginning of it was rocky (still is sometimes rocky) because I had no plans, no layout, and no idea of content to bring to the kids besides the regular textbooks.

But if you know me, I'm not a straight textbook person, so for the first week, I was scrambling and now I know ahead of time, to plan awesome lessons well before I teach them.

I wish I knew that being near a university that you graduated from (as a teacher) is the best spot to move mountains in.

If you are a teacher and you are looking for a terminate place to set up shop, go buy your old university college or graduate school. Why? Because you have connections and roots there. Your teachers can vouch for you in the professional field, not to mention the educational opportunities.

I wish I knew this before I moved 800 miles away from my university, however, I plan to move back, but it definitely would have saved me some time to know this before.

I wish I knew to buy a scripture-based prayer book.

For those who don't know, I love reading Bible-based self-help books, but I haven't bought prayer-based books before. And MAN! I wish I would have bought one sooner.

I encourage everyone to go out and buy one, if you want a list of Christian books that I currently own, I'll do a blog about it here.

I wish I knew converses were the bomb-dot-com!

If you watch my short films or know me in person, you know I love my converses, but I only have one pair which I bought in October 2021.

Now, it's 2022 winter and I still walk around in my converses.

So, I am a big rep for converses. I love them!

I wish I knew that robotics was my strong suit.

I didn't always know that robotics was my thing. I thought it was a hobby that I had left behind in high school. But here I am digging into the expert level of robotics.

I wish I knew this in February 2021, so I wouldn't have thrown away all my books on robotics.

Hint, Hint: I throw away a lot of stuff that I don't use.

I wish jumped into a writers community


can't tell you how many times I picked up my phone in hopes to find someone struggling with writer's block or finding their character voice like I was. Writing communities are there for those moments.

These communities lift you up when you are down in your writing project and they celebrate the little wins with you. Because honestly, there is nothing like sharing your small incomplete pieces to people who feel the exact same way you do about the power of words.

I am a strong advocate for communities and diversity, and if you don't have a writing group, get it one. I am starting a little writing group chat if you are interested, click here.

I wish I knew to choose a library and read every book in its challenges sooner.

Libraries are the gold mine for inspirations and art, it is filled with unique styles and fancy stories from a million perspectives. So why would I not be around these community buildings?

Being in a library is awesome!

There is so much community in a library that it just doesn't make sense. If you walk into the library on a consistent basis, I promise you that you will see the same people there time and time again.

Choosing a home library and getting to know the people and the books inside of it, makes you change lives. It brings you together with the community and yourself automatically.

And for me, it is a self-love habit I wish I knew sooner.

I wish I vlogged more.

I'm a techy camera girl who loves reading.

I wish I stopped taking pictures and pulled out my video camera more. There were so many moments I didn't capture, so many laughs I forgot to record. I wish I did more to cherish the small moments in my life.

I wish I knew that driving is peaceful and every moment should be savored.

I've always loved driving, but I never knew how much I would need those moments until I got my first job in 2021. I drive an hour to work and I thought driving was going to be a tedious and time-consuming activity.

But after work, I found it a sacred time for peace to fill me. I've learned a lot in those car rides, but most of all I learned that my peace is worth protecting.

That was 10 things I wish I knew a year ago. I hope this helped you in some way shape or form. Thank you so much for reading.

Love you muchly 🖤