6 ways I Am Marketing Heroism

The whole journey of making the book Heroism has been long and enlightening. But finally, the final stages are here and marketing as a self-published author is challenging.

So I wanted to tell y'all (just in case you are interested in self-publishing and marketing your own book) 6 ways I'm marketing my new novel Heroism.

Heroism by Kaiana Lewis

Before, I do my list of things, I want to let you know that your brand is different from my brand. So what works for me may not work for you, after all our target audience might be different (which makes sense because our books aren't the same).

Furthermore, getting started with marketing well before your book comes out is a smart thing to do.

So, I have a platform for your books on Instagram, my website, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook.

Each of my platforms are used differently, so every connection I make on each platform is unique and special.

Okay, enough stalling, here are the time lines and specific things I'm doing to market my book Heroism.

6 Months Before Book Releas

  1. Start social media plateforms

  2. Update author profiles

  3. Post about personal writing journey (2-3 times a week)

  4. Share advice

  5. Gain a following

  6. Get an email list going

3 months Before Book Release

  1. Start designing merhandise

  2. Reveal Book synopsis

  3. Design quote cards

  4. Show early reviews

  5. Start teasing readers with covers and characters

  6. Post about other writers/authors

  7. Cover reveal

  8. Share personal writing journey

1 Month Before Book Release

  1. Create landing page for Book

  2. Schedule Book signings

  3. Make pre-order available

  4. Get interviews/guest posts

  5. Start selling Merchandise

  6. Get out in your community

  7. Share Behind the sense

  8. Promote Pinterest boards

  9. Create social media countdown

  10. Release Book Trailer

  11. Hype up your book! **

10 Days Before Book Release

  1. Do lives on as much platforms as you can

  2. Do raffles and give aways of merch and signed book copies

  3. Take BOMB pictures**

  4. Vlog the whole packaging process for the pre-ordered books

Book Release Day

  1. Write a launch day article

  2. Vlog the whole day

Post Book Release

  1. Spill the secrets about your characters

  2. Show the deleted chapters from your book

  3. Tell the before story of your book

  4. Tell the after story of your book

  5. Enteract with your community/readers as much as possible by asking questions**

  6. Make current updates about your charters currently (if no sequal is coming)

Thank you so much for reading this blog,

Love you muchly 🖤