Black Podcasts I Love and Support in My Community

Updated: Feb 10

I want to share the black podcasts that have impacted my life with you.

Black Podcasters

I get to share with you the black business owners I buy from, the black podcasts that I listen to every evening, and the black motivational speakers I follow.

And I have been waiting so long to share these things with you.

You can find my favorite black podcasts along with their description and a link to their podcasts episodes and social media accounts right here.

Just Different Podcast

Welcome to the Just Different Podcast! Just two brothers talking faith, life, and culture. Real conversations from our perspective. Tune in and join the convo. Hope y’all enjoy!

I listen to them because they are faith-focused. They dive into relatable concepts on dating, living for God, realistic motivation, and the struggle of following God. They bring the truth even when it hurts.

I love their dynamic as brothers on the podcast and it is always this uplifting vibe they give every time they hit record.

I love it!

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Late4lunch Podcast

From Atlanta comes two college juniors discussing relevant topics to college-aged adolescents. Our thoughts, reactions, and opinions, kinda serious but mostly funny. Tune in to hear conversation and advice from your favorite hosts.

I listen to this podcast because they are hilarious. They discuss relatable topics and bring about a black Atlantean vibe that makes the podcast pop. They never stop bringing you into the conversation with the jokes and side conversations. You get to know them on a personal level as they podcast. So, the more episodes you listen to, the more you seem to be a part of their life.

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Reasons Why I Like These Podcasts

I am a picky person in general. When it comes to the music I listen to and the people I follow, there are only a few I really love (everything else I just tolerate). So, that explains my shortlist of Black podcasts. However, I am constantly looking for more amazing black podcasts to listen to that I would enjoy.

There are particular things I look for when choosing my regular podcasts to listen to. And these two podcasts have exactly that.

Good conversations

It is so great to hear good connecting and meaningful conversations. I'm talking about the types of conversations that make you laugh and that pull on your heart. The ones that make you think while you are at the grocery store after you've finished the podcast. The ones that you tell your friends about because you want to get their opinion. Those are the conversations I look for in a podcast.

Good voice

The Voice Matters! I can't tell you how many podcasts I have listened to that had great content, but I couldn't stand their voice. Voice doesn't just set the mood of the podcast, but it impacts what you remember when you are done listening. From their laugh to their expressive comments, all of it will create a pattern in my mind in which I will remember the content.


When I listen to a podcast, I want to feel like I'm sitting with you, at the table, and laughing with you. I want to feel like I have a relationship with the podcasts I listen to. I want a relatable podcast. So that's a young adult that's ambitious and motivated to grow.

This is the part where a lot of podcasts fall short for me. Whether it's their lifestyle that I can't relate to or their mindset that I can't connect with. It seems to be a hard threshold to pass.

These are the things I love about the podcasts I listed earlier in this blog.

So, if these things mean a lot to you and you share in some of my experiences then I urge you to go check out these podcasts. And I hope you add them to your collection of podcasts.

Happy Black History Month!

Love you muchly.