Christian Lifestyle Challenge Podcast Ending

Updated: Feb 4

Podcasting is something I love, and I think, it will always be something I do. However, unfortunately, Christian Lifestyle Challenge Podcast is ending, not because the viewers were low, or the content was something that I didn't like, but because I've taught my audience "how."

What is the "HOW?"

In Christian Lifestyle Challenge, I went over how to apply God's word. Of course, there is more of God's word that can be explored and expounded on.

The content is there!

The points, lessons, and materials still can be studied, but...

Among the concepts that I taught in the podcast, I laid our exercises of how we can apply God's word. I showed you which ones worked for me, which ones were hard for me and why I chose those particular exercises in which to apply God's word.

I taught you HOW to apply, and I'm sure there are more ways in which you can apply God's word, but the foundation is there.

The foundation is there.

Therefore, because you have a foundation of applying God's word, now you can do it by yourself.

Christian Lifestyle Challenge was made to show you the HOW. To keep you accountable in your application and to encourage you to grow closer to God.

And now, I want my audience to continue.

No handholding, no leaning, no waiting for the podcast to drop, but it is now your turn to lead out that part of your life.

I would love to see you all post about your challenges, read your bibles, and keep yourselves accountable. That would be so awesome!

And that's why I think it is a perfect time to end the Christian Lifestyle Challenge Podcast because I feel like it is graduation time.

One where you have learned and now you are ready to build.

Thank you so much for listening to the Podcast, I appreciate it so much. I really think that this podcast has pushed me forward in my own walk with God and I can't wait for the next thing God brings me to do for my community.

In the meantime, the podcasts will continue to be available. They will not be deleted, after all, it was my first podcast. So you can continue to watch all the episodes whenever you want to. No worries.

And don't worry, there will be more podcasts in the future with me as the host.

Shout out to all my listeners. Wishing you all the best, your former host on the Christian LIfestyle Challenge Podcats, Kaiana Lewis.