Comparing the Covers of Courage vs. Heroism

My first book was Courage with my penmanship name Adelle Bell Rose and now my third book is here! Heroism by Kaiana Lewis. I wanted to show you the differences between the two book covers.

I can't believe it has been 5 years since I've released a book. Man!!!

Well, I feel like I should compare my first book to my most recent. Why? Because I love seeing subconscious patterns and differences. I feel like it shows who I was 5 years ago compared to who I am now. It also shows my growth. So, let's get analytical and make this comparison thing a series. BECAUSE WHY NOT?!

I wrote courage when I was 17 and published it a year later in December 2018. It is a Christian fiction book that I made the summer of my senior year of high school. It is an amazing fiery book that definitely turned my life upside down.

I started writing Heroism when I was 18 years old and published it years later in July 2022. It is a Christian fantasy fiction book that took me forever to write. It is an amazing heart retching book that definitely changed my perspective on life.

Let's look at the differences of the covers

Cover differences

  • Both have dark covers

  • 150 vs 282 (that's about 100 pages different)

  • No need for a penmanship name anymore

  • 2017 vs. 2022 (5-year difference)

  • They both use a main symbol for the book design

  • One is a series vs. one is a stand-alone book

  • Title is a verb vs. Noun

  • Both titles are awesome characteristics to be defined as

  • Both are paper back

  • One has a glossy cover vs. matte cover

In conclusion, I think I improved a lot considering the increase in the pages of the book. I also think dark books are my thing (we will see how the next book turns out). Awesome characteristics of a person will definitely continue being my titles,

I feel like I'm describing a person with these titles.

I love the matte cover more, I'm sorry, but it looks awesome. I don't think I'm going to give that up anytime soon.

When I was 17 years old, I was scared to use my name because I thought I was going to be a complete failure. I also wanted my autonomy, and I didn't want people connecting my name with something that could bring embarrassment.

I was scared of failure back then, but not anymore. I welcome failure now, because it is never really failure, instead they are lessons.

If you want to see the formatting differences, check out the blog called Comparing formatting between Courage vs. Heroism

Thank you so much for reading.

Love you muchly 🖤