How I Became A Writer

I was 8 years old when I started writing a lot. I wrote story after story perhaps it was about superheroes and princesses. And maybe they were written on little pages torn out of a pink notebook.

But I never seriously thought about writing until Middle school.

I sat down at a computer one day, pulled up Microsoft publisher, and started writing my first book about a sea dragon exploring the deep.

I never published it, of course, but it was the starting ground of my writing journey.

I wrote more books after that... but the one that I love to this day was Adelle Bell Rose.

Maybe the name sounds familiar to you. Maybe you've noticed that it was my penmanship name for my first book.

It was a love story between a servant girl and her master's son. I wrote it all through high school and I loved that book and the main character to pieces.

I wrote every day for years.

I wrote trash stories about romance and war. I wrote great stories about leaves and clouds. It wasn't about writing quality, there was no thought or planning, there was just a story that needed to be written.

If I could make a list of the things that pushed me into writing it would be the following:

1. Reading Charles Dickens in Highschool.

2. Dictation Class in Highschool.

3. Looking for a story.

4. Having a genuine love for writing stories.

5. Watching my surroundings to gain new perspectives.

6. Having a community that supported me in my writing

7. Allowing God to lead

Bonus notes:

I believe that God is the biggest reason why I wrote and published the books I have available for yall now. I think the difference between my books in high school and my books now is God.

God wasn't always heavily wrapped inside my books. He used to be mentioned and hinted too, but never really revealed. I think that is a big reason why I knew that I had to publish courage (my first book). Because that was the first book that God took center stage in my writing.

And I honestly loved it, because he added something my other books couldn't, and that was value.

Without God, my books were nothing but another story among the thousands. But with God, my book was uniquely valuable. Because God could move through it to touch my readers' lives.

Despite all these things, I believe that the moment I enjoyed writing (which was in middle school) was the moment I became a writer. Because it became a lifestyle. However, I realized I was a writer when I wanted to write for the rest of my life (which was going into senior year, when I wrote my first book Courage).

Thank you so much for reading this blog,

Love you muchly 🖤