5 Things To Do To Get Started with Self-publishing?

Updated: Nov 7

It can be overwhelming to choose to self-publish a book. There are a lot of questions to answer and rightly so, because choosing to self-publish a book is a more direct way of sharing your creative writing with the world.

To get started with the self publishing process you need a ready to go manuscript. If you have finished writing, then you are ready to start. Here are some key tips to key in mind as you start your process.

  • Stay organized.

  • Keep an organized spread sheet of books in stock and a budget on hand so you don’t over spend.

  • Have a calendar ready to remind you of your schedule.

Operate your self-publishing process like you would a business. - Kaiana Lewis

1. Edit Your Book

2. Pick a Great Cover

3. Format Your Book

4. Find out what type of self-publisher you want to be

5. Choose a marketing strategy

6. Self-publish Your Book

You need all these thing to move forward into the self-publishing process. Each one is important and prepares you for what is next.

Edit Your Book

It is time to print out your digital pages and read your book aloud. It is important that you catch misspelled words or hard to read sentences. These are the most common distractions for readers. Below I list some tips that will help you catch all your mistakes.

  1. Beta Reader

  2. Grammarly or Hemingway

  3. Reading your book out loud

  4. Having someone else read your book out loud

  5. A professional editor

Each of these provide different values and different costs. You can do all or you can do one. But take steps to make sure your readers aren’t distracted or slowed down by your writing.

Key Point: Your book doesn’t have to be perfect. I know (because I did it too) how easy it can be to edit all day every day for weeks and months because there is always something I’ve could have done better. But there comes a point when you have to decide to publish or keep working on perfecting your book for years. To help, ask yourself, “If I continue, will I ever finish this book?”

Pick a Great Cover

The cover of your book matters because it is the first thing your readers will gravitate to. So choose a cover that your audience will be drawn to.

Key Point: If you are writing fantasy fiction books or young adult books the covers are mainly dark. So make sure you see the pattern within the genre you are writing and adjust your covers accordingly.

Format Your Book

Formatting books are my favorite part. What do you want the chapters to look like or the fonts to be? Where do you want the numbers to go? Do you want your paragraphs to be double spaced or single spaced? Do you want everything to be center? Do you want big margins or small margins?

There are so many possibilities! Here I list the website I used to get inspired with a format design.

  1. The Library Books (look inside the pages they have some really unique formats )

  2. Bookstores (find your genre and start looking for a format you like)

  3. Pinterest (They have very fun and unique formats)

Find out the type of Self-publisher you Want to Be.

This is a big one! There are different types of self-publishers.

  1. Some use self-publishing companies

  2. Some have an editor and then have a self-publishing company

  3. Some only use Amazon

  4. Some hire a designer, editor, manufacturer and a marketing team

  5. Some do it everything themselves.

There are various was to self-publish choose a way that you would like. Consider how much money you want to spend on the creation of your book. Consider how much time you have and your skills.

The first time I published my boo, I used a self-publishing company. It was an easy 6 month process and i was in constant communication with the person looking after my book. My other books I did completely on my own. There was a lot of struggles and learning curves. But I enjoys the long process.

Choose a Marketing Strategy

Marketing your book is the most vital part of self-publishing because I often see great books in a box somewhere in the attic because no one knows about them. So making sure you know what to do for marketing is vital. Here is a list of platforms I recommend that you market on:

  1. Instagram

  2. TikTok

  3. Facebook

  4. Pinterest (I know but trust me on this)

  5. Tumbler

  6. YouTube

  7. Your website (if you decide to get one)

You might not have to use all of these platform, but you can certainly use one or two that you feel comfortable with.

To find out about selecting marketing strategies check out: blog.name

Self-publish Your Book

It is about that time. You are ready to start. Yay! So go make some phone calls. Go out up an application for an editor. Go look up some self-publishing companies. You are about to start the process. Good luck!

To find step-by-step instructions about looking for manufacturers or self publishing companies check out my blog: My top 5 Manufactures and My Top 5 Self-publishers

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