The Inspiration Behind Steven

Updated: Jun 4

Steven is the main character in my book Courage. I published the book in 2017 and I've been given so much love because of it.

But Steven wasn't just made from thin air.

(Spoilers may be contained in this blog post).

He was crafted from a boy I met in Middle school.

I had been enrolled in Charleston Seventh-day Adventist Academy located in South Carolina (which is also the exact school where Mary worked) and there, I met a boy named Parker.

A short brown-haired, brown-eyed, boy in a few grades below me.

I liked a couple of things about him: his smile, his eyes, and his pride in living life.

That's where Steven gets his looks from and even some of his personality, such as his jokes and his taste in food. Not to mention why he picked Simon to be his friend.

Steven's Name

I was getting ready to start the book, wrote a couple of sentences, and then paused when I arrived at the spot where I had to introduce the character.

It only took several seconds to shift through some random names in my head like Johnnathan, George, and Jacob, before Steven popped up. And the name just fit. I said, "well okay," and that was the same thing that happened to all the other characters in the book.

There was no deep thought, due to the fact that the book was based in a modern era such as 2016.

However, the only name that was given a lot of thought was Steven's child. Her name was purposely chosen to reflect Steven's legacy of Courage. (that was definitely a spoiler and a secret all in one. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry).

Steven's Character

He has a character similar to a house. It is strong, independent, keeps to itself, and yet grows weak when being treated without care and consideration.

And if anger boils, which it often does, it can cause a fire, which can burn down a house.

But some burnt buildings can be restored.

All Things Steven

But there is so much more about Steven that you need to know that hasn't been disclosed in the book. So here is a list of things about him:

  1. Favorite color: orange

  2. Shoe size: 13

  3. Height: 6" ft

  4. Favorite snack: Chips and salsa

  5. Birthday: 8/14

  6. He drives a ford 150 blue truck

  7. Born in South Carolina

  8. Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate

  9. Samsung Galaxy phone user

  10. Favorite subject: Biology

  11. Plays guitar a little

  12. Owns 3 cowboy hat

  13. Likes hiking and fishing

  14. Grades in school: All A's except one time he got a B+ in Pre-calculus

  15. Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

  16. His favorite song: Play with Fire (ft. Yacht Money)

  17. He said I love you to 3 people.

  18. Political view: Democrat

  19. Advice to younger self: Sometimes your plans are not God's plans. And you have to be okay with that because God always has something better than what you imagined.

  20. Pet peeve: I hate people smoking

  21. Why do you think people stay in toxic relationships? Because they are afraid.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you so much for reading.

Love you muchly 🖤