The Song Analogy

Updated: Feb 4

The Song Analogy is one that symbolizes how relationships (nonromantic or romantic) connect with you as a unique individual.

It's a simple analogy that makes you aware of who you should and shouldn't be around.

So I'm going to paint some pictures and set the tone for what is going to be at play here.


Imagine sitting in a room.

Perhaps you are on the couch sipping tea or maybe it's winter and your sipping on hot soup.

But no matter the season or what you are drinking, someone turns on a song.

The song plays and fills the room with its melodies.

The Story

Now, that the sheets are ironed (everything is ready), let's dig into the meat of this analogy.

As the song plays once you find it mildly entertaining as you sit and listen.

And then like all songs, it ends.

And as you get used to the eerie silence, the song restarts and plays again.

This time you are less amused as you sit there and listen to the song for the second time.

And then as the song ends, it restarts once more, playing its all too familiar melody.

But this time you are irritated and uninterested.

So you snap, "Can someone change the song?"

The song changes to a pleasant hue of 7ths and 9ths.

You sway back and forth as you tap your feet to the bumpy melody.

And like all songs, it ends.

And as you begin to miss the sound of the melody, the song restarts and plays again.

This time you get up and sing.

And as it ends the song replays again, you dance and laugh as the song fills your heart with all its vibrant melodies.

The Concept

As a person walking through life, you are going to meet people, some great people in fact.

You'll meet kind people who are generous, honest people who are bold, and loving people who give mercy.

And in life, you are going to get to sit down with these types of amazing people and talk to them.

You sit there, ask them questions, and listen to them.

Then you begin to notice a pattern in their thought process, a familiarity in their words, and an algorithm running in the back of their mind.

You are going to notice the melody that these people are singing to you.

Melody is a combination of their passions, their intentions, their mindset, their gifts, their experiences, and their trama's.

That melody is going to be what makes them, them.

And as you listen to their melody you'll be interested, but after a while, as the same melody plays over and over and over again, you'll become tired of hearing it.

It will grow irritating and uninteresting as it replays for the 15th time.

But it won't stop until you say, "Can someone change the song?"

How else will someone know that you are uninterested in hearing their melody if you never say it?

Now, let me be clear, this does not mean that that melody wasn't amazing.

It doesn't mean that particular person wasn't a great person.

It just meant that their melody wasn't one that you could listen to over and over and over.

But as you go throughout life and keep meeting amazing people, you'll sit down again and listen to someone's melody.

And each time you hear their story, each time you ask them questions and see their mind running that familiar path you grow more fond of their perspective on life.

This doesn't mean that this particular person has the best perspective on life, or has the greatest thought pattern.

It means that this person offers a song that you like.

That's Relatable

I know you have a playlist whether it's on YouTube, Spotify, or where ever you get your music from, you have a list of your favorite songs.

And out of those favorite songs, you have one that makes you feel safe and at home.

You know that song that brings you to that beautiful mental space. Like the world doesn't exist anymore.

And no matter how many years could pass by and no matter how many times you listen to it each and every time that song brings you back to that beautiful mental space, that feeling of safety and home.

Well, that's what it is like when I give The Song Analogy of a person listening to their favorite melody.


This analogy is important to keep in mind because it is the people who are our "favorite songs" that we vibe with the most, that we resonate with the most, that feels like safety and home the most, that makes us feel like the world doesn't exist.

Those are the people we should be spending the rest of our lives with.

Listen, when you get married the #1 one thing you are going to be doing every day is not physical intimacy, not paying bills, not watching movies together, not going on cute Instagram-worthy dates, it is going to be talking.

I'm talking about getting home from a long day at work and going to your spouse and saying, "How was your day?"

Yes, you are going to have to actually listen to them talk every single day.

And if you don't like their melody, that constant algorithm running in the back of their head, then you aren't going to enjoy listening to their melody for 50 years.


You are going to meet amazing people.

Some will be singing melodies that are uninteresting and the longer you listen the more uninterested you become.

Have the decency to speak up and say you aren't interested.

Some will be singing melodies that you will love and it will be your "favorite song."

Keep those close to you.

Thank you for reading,

Love you muchly 🖤

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