What Inspired It: Courage

Welcome to the first series of What Inspired It. This is a series where I share the inspiration behind each of my novels. I give the details, and the articles, and I even spill the tea on why I wrote the book in the first place.

Courage by Kaiana Lewis
Courage by Kaiana Lewis

Courage was the first book I ever published, so we have to start there.

Courage is a love story that has a strong sermon inside of it. You can't mistake the Bible references and prayer. You can't overlook the sermons and the Christian principles. It is undoubtedly a sermon in a story form. And there is a reason behind that.

From 7th grade to just about 12th grade I was being fed a consistent message. It was in sermons, it was in magazines, it was in my prayer life, and in my devotionals.

And for 5 years I've tried to ignore it.

I strived to stay on the path that I had forged for myself (sounds familiar?)

To stay a silent shadow in every room I walk into. To never be in crowds, to never raise my hand in class, and to never stand out from a crowd. In fact, I wanted to be nothing but ordinary.

But by beholding you become changed, even if you don't want to.

There is something about God's plan for your life that you can't quite escape from. It haunts you like a stubborn dog following behind its master. And I love that.

Over time, through people who pushed me hard and people who never stopped believing in me, I was shaped and molded.

It was all subconscious at first... small mindset changes as my environment began to shift. Then people started entering my life and friction took place. I remember crying a lot as I struggled to change and let go of my comfort zone. I remember hoping and praying that it would all go away.

But little did I know that those moments would make me the person I am now.

And then the summer before my senior year of high school I sat down on the floor of my room and took a green notebook. I opened it to the first page and wrote on the top: Courage.

It took me 3 months to write the book from beginning to end.

I believe the reason is that I had heard the story over and over and over for the past 5 years. I had heard the sermons and the bible verses, I knew the major events, the turning points, and all the twist endings well before the day I started writing.


Because the story about courage was my story...

I was the main character and the side character. I had sat through those sermons just like steven did. It was all too familiar and too important.

So I wrote the book Courage and it was a testament to what God had been saying to me for 5 years.

So, yes, the book was made for me. It is my sermon, my reminder to myself about how God changed my life.

So that's what inspired me to write Courage.

I hope you enjoyed reading the first post of this series. In the comments let me know if you are a writer or reader.

Love you muchly 🖤